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The Nature is Calling!

"What's created by Nature, is charmed by its own Nature indeed".

I am soulfully merrily satisfied that the two pieces are effortlessly charmed this round, credits to its cause of power from the divine Nature. Initially, I planned to charm one only, but ended up with two!

Whenever I am using semi precious stones as a design theme, the inspiration always overflows by its own "Nature calling" - well mix and match of "down to earth" colour tones such as brown, orange, yellow, green etc.

I applause that the two pieces are spirit charmed by the hand of almighty Nature using me as a steward with flesh-made fingers to fulfil the calling.

It is the lifestyle celebrated naturally by its own!

So to say, I claim zero credit from its accomplishment. However, I am thankful that I am handsomely rewarded with the extraordinary good feeling of being able to participate in this wonderful charm-ing experience, planned by the divine ONE.

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