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Love Does Smiles

When you give love to a child, he or she will return a smile to you.

In every child's heart, the definition of love comes in different colours. In every colour there is a story to tell. 

What if a child ask for a black colour heart...what will you do? Do check out why she prefers black and what's the story or reason behind it to help her to cope with life. However if it purely the love of black, just let it be as black is a pretty colour too. Just that some kids' interpretation of black colour as unhappiness or darkness in life. Understand their issue so that able to tackle it using the right way.

Girls love colourful stuffs. Give them a box of colour pencils and it will keep them occupied for many hours. They are so gifted with colours.

How about giving your girl some colourful sparkling heart shape rings?

Imagining watching her happily, started chatting with you about how to match the rings with the right outfit, or seeing her beautiful smile when she received your gift and feels so much loved.

This is the best moment for both of you. Enjoy it.

These sparkling rings I have charmed,  I named them "Smiling Love" because love and smile goes hand in hand.

I could imagine too, seeing many smiling, when wearing one, in their favourite colour!

*Weekly Giveaway Time*

Win for your girl's favourite colour ring in a matching pouch. (Twin daughters entry accepted)

How to win?
1. Like our Facebook page Sunshine Smile Kidz
2. SMS/Whatapp/Line us at 91399947 with 1)Your real name 2)Your child's/grandchild name and age 3) Text "Win Smiling Love Ring/choice of colour"

1. 1 winner x 1 ring weekly while giveaway lasts, unless winner has twin daughters then will win double.
2. Win for daughter or grand daughter 6 years old and below.
3. This reward is for our fans reside in Singapore only.
4. No purchase needed to join.
5. Winner will be notified via the submitted mobile entry method by each Friday 10pm. Any entry received after 10pm will be carried forward to the new week.
6.We will mail the reward by normal mail via letterbox to winners.

This reward is sponsored by LSB Group

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