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"Twinkle Love" Flannelette Polishing Cloth

The very first time I knew about its existence was when I was shopping in a local jewellery retail shop.  It is priced at $2.00 per piece and I bought a couple of them with my purchase.

After a few gentle rubs on my silver and metal jewellery and accessories, I am impressed it is such a dear helper. All my jewellery and accessories twinkle like little stars right after that!  

Later I found out the mystery wonder of the cloth - It is dipped with special cleaning agent to polish and regain shine on our metal and silver jewellery and accessories.

Good news for you! I have shipped in some as a free gift with purchase, and now also available as redemption for newsletter subscribers.

The next time when you purchase some silver/metal plated jewellery or accessories at Merry Charms, please feel happy to add the wonderful helper into cart with your order.

Or subscribe to Merry Charms Newsletter to redeem it today! 

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