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Rings of Smiles

Back in the 70s, it is a luxury or rare for children to own a charmed ring except children from the better off families.

So I like to search for unwanted strings and tie them on my finger, and those would be my beautiful rings in different colours - red, green, yellow etc. I have even tried using grass but it broke so I gave up that idea. 

As I grew older, I had created many rings with different types of materials wherever I could find anywhere such as by using rubber bands, strings etc.  The best material was using drinking straws because as they were more durable and could withstand ties and bends, so I love to twist and tie knots on them to make more fancier rings.

Today, I could afford all kinds of rings, but I still like to play with rubber bands, strings and straws if I found any lying around, just for fun to rekindle those old good memory of playing with rings.

I have shipped in these lovely cabochon to charm them into rings for the children. I make them affordable from $2. Each comes with a pouch and an acrylic container. I called them Rings of Smiles to remember my good and fun childhood memory of making rings.

Recently I enjoy charming rings with different silicone moulds and hot glue, then painted them, and use some as ring charms. Hope that I could show them to you in the near future.

Do you like the Daisy Duck Ring featured here? 

Daisy Duck is Donald Duck's girlfriend. She is deeply attracted to Donald and is very devoted to him.

It is so rare, precious and priceless that I want to give it away to a sweet lucky girl. It is size 4 that fits most girls' finger ( 6 years old and below)

*Win Daisy Duck Kid Ring Gift Set with Acrylic Container*

Participation Date : 27 May - 17 June 2016
No. of winner : 1

How to win?

1. Like our Facebook page Sunshine Smile Kidz
2. SMS/Whatapp/Line us at 91399947 with a)Your real name b)Your child's/grandchild name and age c) Text "Win Daisy Duck Kid Ring

1. 1 winner
2. Win for daughter or grand daughter 6 years old and below.
3. This reward is for our fans reside in Singapore only.
4. No purchase needed to join.
5. Winner will be notified via the submitted mobile entry method by 17 June 2016 Friday 10pm.
6.We will mail the reward by normal mail via letterbox to winner.

This reward is sponsored by LSB Group

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