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Weaving a good and positive energy

When life is so faced up with uncertainty, clinging to faith and hope is so essential.

Many times, when I am waiting for a miracle, or solving an issue in life, I like to weave and braid.

If wire sculpture is a way to celebrate life and I could finish one within a few minutes, but then weaving or braiding is more like hoping for the best because hoping that the finishing "line" (thread) will end a good one. Weaving/braiding takes more time to finish it and train patience. Yes, also weaving or braiding is therapeutic too.

I suggest if you need to boost good or positive energy, choose to braid or weave something. You will feel good and remains hopeful.

Here I am weaving again, a bangle this time with woven thread.

I hope all of us will remain hopeful in challenges, and hoping for the best, because gracious God will never abandons us, for sure!

To hope and faith ~

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