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Gift Box Ideas 1 - Designed & Made for Plushies Merry Charms

My view of  a special gift is, besides getting a special one, I think the gift box plays an impressive supportive part too.

As for me, you can just give me a pretty gift box and whatever inside really not important because I like to see sincerity expressed outwardly via gift box!

On the other hand, if a gift box is so-so looking...I guess it tells what's inside also so-so insincerely bought?

Ever received a gift wrapped in newspaper...not the creatively wrapped type, but just anyhow folded type....very disappointed...after seeing it, that's makes me not interested to see what's inside....

Even if the gift box is pretty certainly could added merits to what's inside even it is just a common looking gift right?

As our plushies Merry Charms are bigger than normal ones, we need a bigger gift box. By using some shiny decor tape, sticky beads and a simple message sticker, here presented one designed and made with random new happy idea!

These are specially designed and made for our plushie Merry Charms 1 , 2 and 3more will be added soon.

Hopefully these designed gift boxes will keep the recipient excited to see what's inside the pretty gift box.

This is just one of the designs, I will make random designs for purchases as ideas flow.

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