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Accountability Counts - Germs Free for all Handicrafts

I am already a very hygienic person in daily life. I habitually wipe my hands with a clean cloth or disinfect with disinfectant gel every time I touch on something even when I am at home.

As for my handicrafts, they are for sales and also as gifts. To ensure they are 100% germs free when they reached my clients and friends' hands, after I washed my hands, I will disinfect my hands with disinfectant gel too before I start charming. I bought this good strong one from hospital pharmacy recently. Then after I completed them, I disinfect them this time with disinfectant wet wipe for metal items or alcohol spray on woven items, earrings etc, and then every unit is disinfected, safe, ready to pack and go.

I am very happy with such hygienic practice. Accountability counts.

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