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Appreciating Friendship with Birthday Gifts

I enjoy handmade Birthday gifts for friends and loved ones.

With bright colour and it must carry much of my blessings.  Every colour is blessed.  The blessings and colours - Love(Red), Wisdom(Orange), Joy(Yellow), Success(Green), Peace(Blue), Health(Indigo), and Wealth(Violet).

The bracelet is not publicly selling in-store because it is designed and charmed as Birthday gifts for my Facebook group members and beloved customers.

Every bracelet has its unique variegated colour pattern due to its random dye. So no one is getting the same bracelet.

Other charmed bracelets are available at Yeppeun Jewellery Series

Coming soon in later part of January/February 2017, there will be both scented and non-scented options for all Merry Charms including bracelets and necklaces, by charming them with aromatherapeutic calming mind series essential oil. There is no extra charge to opt for a scented piece.  It is one of the happy thoughts I have - that to make my customers happier with my Merry Charms, serving happiness together with happy colours.

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