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Book-mark Much More Reading Pleasure

I prefer thick novels and kids storybooks(for children story-telling purpose) with many stories, those that could last me for at least a few months of reading. Many books have unsightly "dog ears" marks because I habitually like to fold a corner of the page as bookmarking of where I stop reading.

However I cannot do that if it is a book on loan eg. from library.  So what I used to do was to bookmark the page with anything I could find at the reach of hand such as a pen, a rubber band or even a small piece of paper.  

Guess what happened? As these objects are not able to fit rightly into the pages' gap to secure a page, so whenever I moved the book unintentionally, the object fell off from the page...then I lost the last page I have read.

Oh gosh!  It is easy to retrieve a page if it is a pictorial book, but if it is a novel with lines of words....and I don't even remember the page number where I stopped, it was a disaster and that really killed the pleasure of continual reading.

To avoid such a moody feeling to dampen a good reading time, I started to shop for bookmarks and under those days, I could only afford the paper made types because they are cheaper.  From that time onward, I was attracted by the varieties and my bookmarks started piling up, and they became more than the books I own.

Till today, I still keep the old bookmarks that I have collected in the past years.  Some are still hidden on the pages of the old books, shelved. Some are lying around within reach, in case I need to pick up one.

Now, I design, crochet and charm various charming bookmarks with ribbons, charms, and yarns in different colours and patterns.  Both suitable for adults and children. Fabric bookmarks are durable and will last a life-time. 

It is such a pleasure too to read to a child, together with an attractive bookmark. I believe both work together for good to encourage a child to be interested in reading with you, or to read alone.

Ribbon-made charmed bookmarks, I believe they are great and lasting as gifts too.  To encourage one to become a faithful reader or to celebrate a reader's life.

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