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Loving lifestyle with Soul-ful Charmed Crochet Coasters

Do you like to place a coaster below your glass or mug? 

I love it because I feel a lovely coaster could make the "sipping time" more enjoyable! Whether it is a hot or cold beverage.  It also could save the mess I created when excess liquid is dripping down from the side of the mug after every slip and no extra job needed to clean up the mess later.

Also, you know...the ants will march towards the sweetened liquid within a few minutes, and "share" the beverage with you, starting from the side of the mug....and sooner will crawl right into the drink. GEEK! So irritating.  The drink is wasted!  However with a coaster below, especially the crochet type, it makes it so difficult for these small insects to invade my drink! Ha!

I like to wash the crochet coasters as often as I want, and just hang it anywhere to dry. I even created a hanging hook on the coaster for such reason.

I have crocheted 2 Christmas themes. 

Both are sharing the same amount the yarn even one may look smaller.  I guess it is the stitch pattern that plays the visual trick, to think that the smaller one needs lesser yarn.  I thought so too when I was designing the pattern but after it was done, I realised that almost equal length of yarn are used.

Aren't they look pretty as a gift when packed into the shimmering mesh drawstring bag?

Besides the Christmas theme designs that are suitable to celebrate Christmas or as gifts for beloved.  I also designed and crocheted a few more designs. I name this collection "Twinkle Hearts" Charmed Crochet Coasters

I like to clip over something nice at the hook according to my mood... I have a collection of them named "Clip-ABLE Merry Charms"

So! Personally I feel, a coaster could be as pretty as I like with charming elements too. They are no longer boring and only serve under the mug or glass only, they have a soul and character now - under Merry Charms

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