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Over the Happy Rainbow

If you know me well, you know I like rainbow designs very much, because it always keeping me hopeful at all times.  Whether it is for a good day or a challenging one.

When I am happy, I charm rainbow design, when I am facing a challenge, I think of a rainbow too.

This time, I like to crochet a fancy one with the fanciful curves. But I faced my first challenge, I have not crochet a curve before as being a month old crocheter.

I started searching the for a tutorial for beginner like me. Thankfully, I am glad I found it.  All I need is to modify the pattern slightly that suits a bookmark.

The rainbow turned out well. However, it looked plain, I wanted to make it more fun-loving, something different from the previous rainbow crochet bookmark.  Hmmm, Why not I add a cloud?  

Thinking of between to crochet a flat one or a puffy one, I decided on a puffy squishy one instead. Oh no.... another challenge I faced, because I have never make a crochet cloud before. I played with the stitches and patterns for an hour plus, finally I got it and ah! it surely looked like a cloud, and a really puffy one as I expected!

A second look on the bookmark again after it was done, I realised that I like the puffy cloud more than the rainbow, as I could not resist squeezing it! I even made a video to show all how much fun I had. 


The bookmark looks fun-loving to me, with the vibrant rainbow colour and the playful cloud.  I think it will increase the pleasure of reading too. 

Every bookmark carries a unique random rainbow colour base on the random dyed yarn. That's makes the bookmark very special. 

Gladly, I named it "Over the Happy Rainbow". It is now ready to meet the world and brings fun to many! LOL! 

It is also a pretty gift for any occasion with a matching bold polka dots gift box. 

"Life is always fills with much unpredictable ups and downs.  Whether we are in which situation, always look up, the hope of rainbow is always there for us - cheers or encourages us."

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