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Praise VS Love - Loving Life.

I think a person will only praise us if one loves us, if not...usually it is the reverse feeling with reservation to praise someone.

Maybe being a little less emotional, these are just star and heart shapes to some people.

As for me, whenever I charm any of star or heart shape design, I want to give them a soul - with much feeling of praises for star design, and much loves for heart shape design.  With a soul, they became extraordinary and "alive"! Then they are ready to make someone happy.  There is a saying that " To make someone happy, one must be happy own self."  Same theory in my charming journey.

Personally, I am an action packed person, I like to tell people how I feel and I like to praise people if they really deserve one.  

The design of star could also be an encouraging or motivational symbol - to uplift a person.  While the heart shape design is to embrace a life with much appreciation, or to express love for someone special - let it be a kinship, a friendship, a romantic love or an agape love.  

I enjoy designing with variegated colours which symbolises a rainbow, and I like strong colours such as red, yellow, orange, purple etc.  These colours represent strength.

When both strong and hopeful colours met and transformed into the featured creations, much positiveness also injected into them and their soul is now "alive".

Next, they became very useful too as coasters, together serving their owners with their cheerful designs.

Here we have - "Love Life" Charmed Crochet Coaster and "Star" Charmed Crochet Coaster

Depending of one's need, whether to prefer a uplifting coaster with the star design, or to embrace much feelings with a heart shape design.  They are just so ready to be given as gifts too.

I have added a pretty soft mesh drawstring bag to perfect the gifting idea.

Shine! Let them shine! For loving lifestyle sake. 

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