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Twinkle Hearts

The crochet coasters are pretty.  Designed and charmed with my ideas, to serve one who appreciate life as much as I do. I name them "Twinkle Heart" Coasters.

I love to give them as gifts.  However they cannot just hand into someone's hand "naked". Yeah. They are to twinkle hearts, to delight the recipients much.

They need a really pretty box to be perfect as gifts, even though they are already pretty enough. So, I have to find and design box for them.

There it is! A pretty nice box, and a sturdy one that could withstand rough bumpy shipping.

And then, it could happily turn into a pretty gift box too with a theme sticker pasted. Eg. for Birthday.

Before the lovely coaster is packed into the box, I actually wrapped it and put it into a mesh drawstring bag.

Now, they are ready to...twinkle hearts! This gift box is for 2 and more coasters packing.  

Now I have another type of gift box solely for single coaster gift packing.

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