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About Us

"Loving Lifestyle"

Merry Charms twinkle hearts and cheer souls.

I am a lifestyle design artist. I design lifestyle charms which celebrate life. I hope my designs twinkle hearts and cheer souls. Ultimately, glorify life and her Creator.

I enjoy blending the art of crochet, braiding, painting, wire-sculpting into my designs, together with bright and variegated colours. Rainbow theme is my favourite.

Merry Charms - Lyann Yap is my 2nd house brand (2014) of LSB Group which established in 2003. (Biz 53033730D).

In 2017 November, I have started a new collection brand "Day 21".   It is one of the core collections under Merry Charms however is marketing and promoting imported fashion accessories. 

Hope you enjoy appreciating lifestyle art and shopping with us at Merry

Lyann Yap - Lifestyle Design Artist